La Mesa Acupuncture: A Trusted, Proven Treatment Method

Acupuncture is a medical treatment that has been used for over 3000 years. Traditionally used in Chinese medicine, this technique can help bring more balance to your body and overall health. Dr. Shani A. Cooper at Root & Soul in La Mesa is a trusted physician with years of experience. She can include acupuncture into your treatment plan as a natural treatment for pain, depression, and other health concerns.

How it Works

Acupuncture involves minimal pain and risk, placing fine, hair thin needles in specific areas of the body to help stimulate your body’s natural healing process. The pathways with which Traditional Chinese Medicine views the body work much like roads through a city. When the roads are clear, you get free movement and can reach your destination with ease. When there is traffic or an accident, there is congestion, starting at the pain point and traffic can no longer flow. On the opposite side of the congestion will often lie an empty area or deficiency that can be filled. Once the blockage is removed, the free flow can resume leaving the body able to repair any remaining damage.

Proven Results

Throughout the years, acupuncture has been extensively studied. Through numerous experiments, this treatment method has proven effective for reduction in pain throughout the body, including discomfort caused by menstruation, osteoarthritis, injury, and other sources. Acupuncture has also been used to address other significant health concerns that can severely impact your overall well-being, such as depression, vomiting and nausea from chemotherapy or surgery, and respiratory disorders such as allergic rhinitis.

Seek Care from a Trusted Physician

Acupuncture is highly effective used as a standalone treatment and in conjunction with Western medicine, but you need a qualified doctor to know the best techniques for the best results. Dr. Cooper has received her Master’s Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She completed extensive amounts of clinical work and has since gained even more hands-on experience providing acupuncture for her patients, veterans, and underprivileged members of the community. With her years of practice, education, and thorough understanding of both Eastern and Western medicine, she can design a custom treatment plan tailored to help you improve your health with lasting benefits.
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Shani Cooper is a Naval Veteran & Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, specializing in chronic pain management & digestive and women’s health issues.
 reproductive health and microneedling acupuncture in La Mesa.

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