The chronic discomfort caused by fibromyalgia can impact every aspect of your life. Not only can this condition lead to significant pain throughout your musculoskeletal structure, but it can also lead to fatigue, sleep, memory, and mood issues. These concerns are often ignored and can become worse because of medical professionals inclined to disbelieve or discount your suffering.

Dr. Shani A. Cooper at Root & Soul is here to truly listen to you, and find the balanced, integrative treatment for fibromyalgia you need to get back to a healthier, happier life.

Improvement is Possible

Dr. Cooper will work with you to identify all the ways that fibromyalgia has impacted your health, addressing your concerns as a whole, not a single symptom. It is possible to improve your quality of life and live without the constant struggle of debilitating pain. Because fibromyalgia is a multifaceted condition that impacts so many aspects of your body, it is essential to treat it in the right order. Dr. Cooper will work closely with you to determine the root causes of your discomfort and what symptoms are the consequences of your body’s natural response.

Possible Treatments

There are a number of natural fibromyalgia treatments that can replace or in work in conjunction with Western medicine, sometimes reducing symptoms cased by pharmaceuticals. Dr. Cooper can help loosen muscles, reduce pain, and improve movement through
cupping therapy and acupuncture. Natural herbs
and changes to lifestyle and diet can also reduce the struggles you face because of your condition, including significant health concerns like depression, sleep, and memory issues.

Work with Someone You Trust

Dr. Cooper provides compassionate, fiercely dedicated treatment for patients in pain. She believes you when you say you’re suffering. Together, you can discover an integrative approach that bridges the gap between Western and natural healing alternatives to help you return to a more comfortable, healthier whole. Reach out to Root & Soul today to begin reducing pain and get back to healthy.

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Shani Cooper is a Naval Veteran & Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, specializing in chronic pain management & digestive and women’s health issues.
 reproductive health and microneedling acupuncture in La Mesa.

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