Natural Treatments for Depression

When suffering from depression, you should never feel shamed or embarrassed. This is one of the most common mental health disorders in United States, with over 16.2 million Americans suffering from the condition. But while so many suffer from depression, it can still seem as though you’re alone when struggling with this condition.

Dr. Shani A. Cooper is here to help. At Root & Soul in La Mesa, she is helping patients like you find natural treatments for depression like acupuncture and other effective solutions that improve your quality of life, not just help you function at the bare minimum.

Improving All Aspects of Life

Depression can lead to significant fear, anxiety, and lethargy that affect more than just your ability to relate to others. You can also face significant struggles with your sleep and digestion. However, some Western medicine solutions alone only diminish some symptoms without addressing others. Or even worse, leave you with negative side-effect that create a whole new set of issues that continues to reduce your quality of life.

Dr. Cooper will work with you to help improve all facets of your life. She understands what you’re feeling and will help you improve your health and life as a whole, with focused care and sensitivity.

Natural, Alternative Solutions

The natural approaches that Dr. Cooper uses provide effective treatments that can bridge the gap and work in tandem with traditional Western techniques. Through diet and lifestyle modifications, Dr. Cooper can help you develop a solid framework and foundation to manage depression and improve your daily life, reducing anxiety, insomnia, and the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In addition, medicinal herbs and acupuncture can also help balance moods, reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and diminish negative side effects from other pharmaceuticals you may be taking.

Compassionate Care from Your Health Partner

You should never be left to deal with the consequences of depression alone. Dr. Cooper is here to serve as a true partner in your health. Together, you can determine how best to manage your mental illness, move forward, and improve all aspects of your life.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you increase your emotional and physical well-being.

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Shani Cooper is a Naval Veteran & Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, specializing in chronic pain management & digestive and women’s health issues.
 reproductive health and microneedling acupuncture in La Mesa.

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